Set in the current art scene in a fictitious Sydney Art Gallery where Tom is employed as a security guard a well publicised Rembrandt exhibition is under threat from a daring international art thief. One of Australia's foremost mystery-thriller writers, Tom Howard succeeds in foiling the reader's attempts at guessing the outcome.


Tom Howard

Tom Howard was born in Melbourne on 22nd June 1937. After graduating from the University of Melbourne, he did time in the army in Victoria and Queensland. After his term expired, he did a number of stints (starting as clerk and ultimately rising to inspector) in various branches of the Public Service - including the Police Department - in all Australia's mainland states except NSW and the Northern Territory. In 1985 Tom became a successful freelance journalist, specialising in show business topics. He has written numerous articles and interviews published in newspapers and magazines in New York, Paris and London. He also has eleven short stories, three poems and a one act play in print.

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