This year is the year I'm going to keep up with new books by local authors..

Well technically it's another pipedream, but a woman's allowed to have this little delusions.  Besides a hobby is a hobby and there's nothing in the rule book that says it can't be a fantasy.

From the Blurb:

The little girl stood back and admired her sandcastle... She waved to her mother, who didn't notice, before drifting off to look for shells.  Wandering over to a clump of seaweed, she squatted and tugged at a slimy strand.  It dislodged something strange in the mud, which she gazed at in fascination ...

Opening Lines:

The little girl stood back and admired her sandcastle.  It sat there, a shapeless blob, on the wide wet flank of the estuary.  Seagulls were wheeling and cawing overhead.  A breeze ruffled the waves in the distance.  The sludge from drains traced the rim of a sandbank a few yards away from her.  Over on the far shore, the concrete bulk of grain silos loomed against the sky and dirty-looking smoke drifted from factory chimneys.

Year of Publication

When a severed head is found buried in sand on a beach in Whitley, Queensland, the locals are sent into a tailspin.  Little do they know it's only the first in a series of events that will sully their apparently idyllic resort town.

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