An Australian thriller series of three books, The Purifier is the opening salvo.

From the Blurb:

The Purifier is the story of a fanatical priest with ideas of world dominance, and his two power hungry children.

The Purifier is Paavan Chandra, a priest who is excommunicated from the Zoroastrian Church and who founds his own religion in India which spreads his word around the globe. Paavan’s mission is to destroy capitalism, and to form world government.

His Church is funded by drug money which he uses to manufacture a nuclear weapon which he plans to detonate at an International Peace Conference in Israel. He is assisted by his daughter, Sonia and her half brother, Petrus.

However there is no love lost between the siblings and as the family falls out in a fierce power struggle their true positions emerge resulting in murder and danger to world security.

Only Sgt Tom Jackson, who leads Strike Force Brutus, stands in their way. 

Year of Publication

Priest of Evil is a 700 page paperback and e-book trilogy. The three books are The Purifier, Pure Greed (sibling rivalry) and Pure Blood (blackmail lies and body parts).

Detective Sergeant Tom Jackson and his team carry out a drug bust only to discover it leads to something even more sinister. The story involves journalists, politicians, bikie gangs, and a spin doctor, all somehow connected to a small religion led by a fanatical priest known to his brethren as the Purifier. Tom pieces the clues together and solves the mystery which takes him from Sydney to the Gibson Desert, and from Monte Carlo to China. Priest of Evil has been edited by Cindy Cato.

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