Given I have no overdue "I" review books, I'm treating myself to a book that I've been eager to pick up for a few weeks now.  Not the least because himself read this recently and couldn't put it down - I can't remember the last time I've seen him in that situation with a book - didn't matter what he could have / should have been doing - he read this in record time.

From the Blurb:

When Alex Bishop meets Madigan Sargood again after twelve years apart, everything changes.  His childhood sweetheart is beautiful and impulsive, but there is something wrong with her.  Something dangerous.

Opening Lines:

It doesn't take much to change the world.

A broken heart.  A broken mind.  A single phone call.

Year of Publication

Alex doesn't know what he wants to do, how to connect with people or what's good for him. He drifts his way through dead-end jobs and fumbled relationships, unable to find a way out of the rut his life has become. Then he runs into Madigan Sargood and everything changes.

A ray of light shining from an almost-forgotten past, Madigan is beautiful and impulsive, enigmatic and passionate beyond measure. This is what it means to live, Alex realises, and to love. Never mind that she can be somewhat possessive. Never mind that his best friend thinks there's something wrong with her, something dangerous even. Never mind that the creepy band of misfits she attracts have all but taken over his home. Madigan fills Alex's life with significance; he will put up with anything to be with her.

Until, without any warning, she kills herself.

Now Alex can't seem to get her out of his head, and his world – along with his sanity – begins to disintegrate. Black outs and missing time, conversations he can't recall, people he can't remember. Is this the product of a diseased and lovesick mind, or can Madigan really be trying to communicate with him?

When the past threatens to obliterate the future, Alex is forced to take action. To save himself and those he loves, he must discover the sinister reason why Madigan took her own life – and why she won't lie still in her grave.

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Submitted by Karen on Tue, 14/12/2010 - 07:12 pm