One of the bonuses of no power is that you can get some serious reading done.  Doesn't mean you can write up any reviews so I'll have to catch up with a couple of those soon.

"The tomebstone was nearly six feet tall, weathered and mottled with lichen.  A pair of fat-cheeked cherubs framed the inscription 'How short is life, how soon comes death.'  Soon comes death.  So very true.  She was late, his bride, his partner 'til death do us part.  More than ten bloody minutes late, he noticed, checking his watch yet again.  Had she no sense of occasion?  Didn't she care that he was standing there in the cold, waiting for her?  Soon it would be dark.  People would start leaving work to go home and they would miss their chance."


I'm about half way through this now and I confess to really enjoying it thus far.

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For fifteen year old Gemma it is already too late.

Her body is found in the nave of a church in Ealing, west London.  At first all the signs were that it was a suicide.  But then the autopsy suggests it is not and Detective Inspector Mark Tartaglia and the Barnes murder squad are called in.

For Tartaglia and his team it is just a matter of time before the tragedy repeats itself.

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