A novel about family secrets and discovery of a long-ago crime. Hilda is a reclusive single woman who lives on the North Kent marshes with her rescue cats. One day she has a visit from a young woman called Nicky, who claims to be her half-sister, the "love child" of Hilda's father who has recently died. When Hilda's brother Dunstan hears about Nicky he is enraged. Dunstan is already on the verge of mental and physical collapse following the death of the father he idolized, the loss of his job, the breakdown of his marriage and his financial woes. Seeing Nicky's arrival as a threat to his family's reputation and his own inheritance, he turns to desperate measures. These events compel Hilda to investigate the shocking truth about her father's past and her mother's untimely death.


Jennifer Barraclough

My first career was in orthodox medicine. I worked in the hospital specialties of cancer care and general psychiatry, and spent some time in rural general practice. From 1991-2000 I held the post of Consultant in Psychological Medicine at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, England. I published a number of medical books and research papers. Then I moved to Auckland with my New Zealand-born husband, and trained as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Life Coach. Writing is now my main pursuit, with several books on holistic healing and natural therapies, three short novels and another on the way. I also edited my uncle's memoir 'Geoffrey Guy's War: Memoirs of a Spitfire Pilot'. Other interests are choral singing and animal welfare.

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Review Review - Unfaithful unto Death, Jennifer Barraclough
Karen Chisholm
Monday, July 17, 2017
Blog #amreading Unfaithful unto Death, Jennifer Barraclough
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
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