Murder or suicide? Alex’s freedom depends on the answer and time is running out.

Devastated by her husband’s so-called ‘suicide’, Alex insists someone had murdered him. Her doctor and the police think she’s crazy and send her to a psychiatric clinic. Drugged to the hilt, she grasps on proving that she’s not only sane but also right about her husband’s death. She’ll lose her freedom, her house, and her money if she fails.

Reluctantly Alex agrees to go to Seaview Manor, a retirement home, as a halfway solution to prove her sanity. Surprised Seaview Manor is not all seated yoga and bingo nights, she finds a handful of sassy residents dead set on having her back and hunting down the murderer with her.

Even the gardener with his Oliver-from-Lady-Chatterley’s-Lover-vibe steps up and offers not just help but also his heart. Alex and her friends are unsure whether they can trust him. He might be just the help they need… or put them all in terrible danger. They bring in the police and discover Patrick the gardener is not who he said he is. The suspicions run high.

When this Granny-Crime-Squad stumbles over unexpected evidence in Alex’s house, they know they’re closing in on some very dangerous people. They have to act quickly because attacks on Alex’s life spell big trouble and time is running out.

With Alex’s life at stake, will the friends be able to reveal the murderer in time?


Gudrun Frerichs

I spent my childhood on a small, dreamy fishing island close to Hamburg, Germany. From there I spent years in Switzerland and The Netherlands. For the last thirty years, I’ve called New Zealand my home.

Once my three children were grown, I studied psychotherapy and worked for 25 years as a trauma specialist and started writing. Over the years I’ve learned that life is a bumpy ride full of highs and lows. It’s having friends and loved ones to celebrate with that makes the highs special, and knowing one isn’t the only one who struggles makes the lows tolerable.


Series: Seaview Manor

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Series: Women of Our Time

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