She pulled out her laptop and opened the anonymous e-mail.  The letters were in a different order, but they were the same.  I-C-H-B-U-N-R-T-E-B-T-H.  Once she separated the word 'THE', it was easy.  Burn the Bitch.

The person sending the e-mails was the person writing the letters.

When a young homeless girl dies in the latest of a string of arson attacks, Dr Rhona MacLeod is called in.  But here in Edinburgh she is off her patch - the Chief Fire Investigator is hot-tempered misogynist Severino Macrae, and he doesn't like to lose face.  As the attacks escalate, will their growing chemistry distract them from the murderous arsonist who seems to be infiltrating their personal lives as well as their work?


Lin Anderson

Lin Anderson was born in Greenock of Scottish and Irish parents. A graduate of both Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, she has lived in many different parts of Scotland and also spent five years working in the African bush. A teacher of Mathematics and Computing, she began her writing career four years ago. Her first film, Small Love, which was broadcast on STV, was nominated for TAPS writer of the year award 2001. Her African short stories have been published in the 10th Anniversary Macallan collection and broadcast on BBC Radio Four.

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Series: Rhona MacLeod

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Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

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