Edwina’s death is brutal, a swift and silent killer who leaves no clues. Her murder seems unsolvable until a casual comment sends Inspector Alex Cameron and his seasoned team trawling through the dead woman’s childhood.

Raised in a poverty-scarred part of Auckland, Edwina was a battler. Life revolved around the church and her mundane job unpacking vegetables. Meanwhile, a new generation gentried her suburb. After winning a gym membership, she lost weight, got a new hairstyle, clothes, job—and made a new friend, Rose.

Can Alex Cameron uncover the link in time to save the next victim? And preserve his own reputation? The murky past has left a shadow over Edmund Street. Everyone and no one is a suspect, until …

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Review Shadow Over Edmund Street, Suzanne Frankham
Karen Chisholm
Friday, August 19, 2022

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