An inexperienced detective crosses the line to solve a series of murders and resurrect his career.

A missing man, a ghastly murder, and a homicidal teenage driver. The Brenner family is ground zero for trouble, but newly-arrived Detective Jud Jeffreys can’t convince his colleagues to look past his dodgy reputation and take his theories seriously.

He needs allies, but who can he trust? His hostile police colleagues? His reluctant work partner Nula? What about his mysterious landlady, Cora? Trusting the wrong person would be a deadly mistake, one that his brutal and controlling politician father and muckraking journalists would use to destroy him.

This is Jud’s last chance to prove himself. Can he unmask the killers before his own powerful enemies bring him down?

The Detective Jud Jeffreys crime series takes place in Henry Hunt City, the inland capital of the Australian Free States, a city of unbridled self-interest, dark secrets, and political plots.


Jai Baidell

Jai Baidell is an Australian writer and independent publisher. She is a lifelong believer in escaping reality through reading. Action, adventure, thrillers, espionage, family dramas, mysteries, science fiction, crime, and romance, Jai loves them all.

Jai lives in country Australia and sets her stories in country towns and regional cities.

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Series: Jud Jeffreys

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Review Review - Wipptee, Jai Baidell
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
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