An outstanding thriller set in the unforgiving Australian outback .

When journalist India Kane travelled from Sydney to the outback town of Cooinda for a reunion with her friend Lauren, she had no idea of the devastating turn of events which would soon begin to unravel. For when India arrives in Cooinda, Lauren is not there - and the next day, India is arrested for a double murder...

Set in the unforgiving landscape of the Australian outback, Blood Junction is a powerfully brooding and compulsive thriller about a woman on the run from a brutal killer and her own dark past - a past which is linked to Cooinda's own shocking history.


Caroline Carver

Caroline Carver was born in the UK and at the age of twenty-two came to Australia for a holiday and ended up staying ten years. Caroline Carver was born in the UK. At 22 she cane to Australia for a holiday and stayed for 10 years, working in publishing and travelling. In 1992 she took part in the London to Saigon Car Rally, where she and her co-driver were the only all-female crew on a 63-day, 12,500 mile journey. In 1993, she fell into freelance writing and since then has worked while writing and travelling. In 1998, she completed the London to Cape Town Car Rally, once again the only all-female crew. She blames her love of adventure on her parents: her mother set the land speed record in Australia and her father was a jet fighter pilot. Caroline lives in a cottage near Bath with her dog.

Now writing as C.J. Carver



Series: India Kane

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