It's not going to take a genius to figure out I've not been "blogging" much here in recent times. Ran out of puff, nothing worth saying, thousands of reasons - mostly came down to couldn't be bothered to be honest. But a quick note to say yep, have deleted both twitter accounts @kcfromaustcrime and @auscrimefiction

Moved to Mastodon. Couldn't have made a better decision. Social Media as it's supposed to be done.

Don't believe the drivel about it being unfriendly, difficult or unwelcoming. The benefits for me have greatly outweighed the hour or so of very very mild confusion over the fediverse (which the more I get into it - the more exciting it's becoming).

So, can be found at:

Mastodon (or if you prefer

Bookwyrm as

Reviews etc will continue to be posted here - and on Mastodon / Bookwyrm and Goodreads until I've finished the massive task of dragging everything over there.


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