Quite an achievement for a TV show as normally anything that even mentions "footy" will drive me into a coma in a nanosecond, but the show was really engaging and luckily talked about a lot more than the dreaded "footy".  In fact Sunnie reminded me in an email last night that many of the issues raised were very very similar to those in The Broken Shore - not identical obviously, but similar.

If you missed the show - you can download it from the ABC's website for local viewing.  If nothing else for overseas readers of The Broken Shore it will give you some context for the dry, laid back style and humour of Temple's writing and how the speech patterns of his writing work in our day to day lives. 


Rhys Muldoon - who plays the lead part - is also a judge of the Ned Kelly's and .... well ... hilarious in his own right (some of my fellow covenites will undoubtedly remember "she was a blonde...." )

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Submitted by Karen on Tue, 08/07/2008 - 07:16 pm