Cover reveal time, with the announcement from newly formed Corella Press ( of their upcoming initial releases: BRIDGET'S LOCKET AND OTHER MYSTERIES by Waif Wander (aka Mary Fortune) and THE MILLWOOD MYSTERY by Jeannie Lockett.

These beautiful covers were created by Kathleen Jennings ( whose paper cut silhouettes are amazing.

Corella Press state on their website:

Corella Press is a UQ run not-for-profit small press committed to making beautiful, collectable editions of recovered Australian nineteenth-century crime and mystery stories.

There will be four books overall in this series - the covers designed to form a complete picture representing Historical Australian Crime and Mystery fiction.

More details on the books to be available on release date 30th August, 2019.   

Year of Publication

"The sun had set away behind Willamstown, but the red glow was still there, and lay like a shadow of blood on the placid waters of our bay."

Murder, love, courage. This triptych of nineteenth-century thrillers by Mary Helena Fortune, writing as Waif Wander, encompasses colonial Australia's sweeping landscapes, fearsome bushrangers, and the voices of women long silenced. Fortune, who has been all-but forgotten by Australian literary history, subverts the limits imposed on nineteenth-century female authors by writing about women who struggle against incredible odds . . . and sometimes win. 

Serialised in Australian periodicals between 1866 and 1887, these three mysteries were wildly popular, but lost to time. This beautiful, collectable edition celebrates a pioneering voice who knew how to write page-turning tales.

Year of Publication

Marjory Graham runs panicked into the night, desperate to find help. When she wakes Dr Reade and returns home with him, they find Barbara Graham poisoned. The inquest reveals a wealth of suspects: Barbara's stepdaughter, her fiancé, and her future sister-in-law. Whispers begin to spread through Millwood.

The Millwood Mystery is a psychological thriller set in a small town in the remote Hunter Valley. The crime is a vehicle for our journey into the lives of Millwood society, where appearance is paramount and transgression brings judgement, isolation, and financial ruin—particularly for women. Lockett explores women’s place in society, expectations around marriage and divorce, domestic violence and women’s lack of agency, and the repercussions of loneliness and isolation in small-town Australia.

This recovered gem of Australian mystery is accompanied by Reading Notes, including an essay by the author: 'Divorce Considered from a Woman's Point of View.'

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