Stuart MacBride is one of my all time favourite authors.  I love his books, I read his blog.  I'm not so sure about his cabbage problem.  I like my husband's beard better!

Flesh House is the 4th book from him:


"No, you listen to me:  if my six year old son isn't back here in ten minutes I'm going to come round there and rip you a new arsehole, are we clear?"  Ian McLaughlin slapped a hand over the mouthpiece and shouted at his wife to turn that bloody racket down.  Then he went back to the idiot on the other end of the phone:  "Where the hell's Jamie?"

Year of Publication

Aberdeen is panicking.  It's been eighteen years since Grampian Police caught the Flesher - the notorious serial killer who butchered people all over the UK - and seven years since he was released from Petershead prison, his conviction overturned on appeal.  But when a container full of joints of human meat turns up at Aberdeen Harbour, it kicks off the largest man hunt in Aberdeen's history.  Ken Wiseman is on the run and looking for revenge.

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