Being December, I've decided that this is read what you damn well please month. Which will obviously include a heap of review books as there are some rippers lined up, but it's also going to include some happy place stuff. And yes, know it's strange, but Brookmyre at full rant is a very very happy place.

From the Blurb:

Bullets. Bombs. Depravity. Bad hair.

Stuck playing referee between B-movie trash-peddlers and fundamentalist protestors, LAPD cop Larry Freeman would rather be trying to work out how four scientists vanished without trace from a research vessel three hundred miles out in the Pacific.

Into the mounting chaos steps photographer Steff Kennedy: jet-lagged, hungry and about to discover that his native Lanarkshire is not, after all, the global capital of religious stupidity.

Year of Publication

The Guardian (London) has called comic-thriller writer Christopher Brookmyre "the next star of the genre . . . who writes in] the sassy, nasty, fast style of the Americans Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen." His American debut, Not the End of the World, is a fast and furious novel set in Los Angeles at the near side of the millennium, at a point when the world is about to spin out of control -- and maybe out of existence.When an oceanic research vessel is discovered with all of its crew vanished, it sets off a chain of events that pulls Lt. Larry Freeman of the LAPD out of the ho-hum assignment of overseeing the security for a B-movie film festival and headlong into a frenzied race to stop a terrorist plot. Along the way he must contend with aging porn stars, rabid evangelical Christians, a mysterious Glaswegian photographer, and an unknown agenda, all in a frenzied -- and ultimately hysterical -- race against time.

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