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KILLING LOVE is one of the most profoundly personal stories that you're going to come across in True Crime reading.
Posted by Karen
NOTHING SHORT OF DYING is the debut release from author Erik Storey, which arrived with considerable fanfare. It's flagged as something that will have Lee Child's Reacher watching over his shoulder which clearly flags this is action packed, with a lone hero up against it from all sides central character.
Posted by Karen
... as the pieces fall into place it is clear that Maitland has had tight control on his overarching plot from the beginning of this series so that Slaughter Park is both a compulsive and satisfying conclusion.
Posted by Robert Goodman
In an age of throwaway domestic thrillers with the word “Girl” in the title, Dead in the Water shows the breadth of the Australian crime fiction scene.
Posted by Robert Goodman
'Watch out Jo Nesbo!' is printed in a bright red circle on the front of I'M TRAVELLING ALONE. It seemed like a rather brave claim to be making before starting this book, and bordering on rash having now finished it.
Posted by Karen
It is a sometimes violent, sometimes dangerous, sometimes poetic and insightful debut Australian novel.
Posted by Robert Goodman
Written by an author who has spent some time in Pentridge as a worker / teacher this is one of those books that's really fascinating when it's getting into the nitty gritty of life behind bars ...
Posted by Karen
The follow up to a fascinating book Australia's Most Murderous Prison, AUSTRALIA'S TOUGHEST PRISONS: INMATES tells the story of a number of people in prison - for a change not all of the usual role-call of participants that show up in these sorts of books.
Posted by Karen


Michel Bussi is a renowned crime fiction writer and winner of many awards in his native France, BLACK WATER LILIES being the second of his books translated into English.
As much as I'd love to say that if you're a new reader to this series than just get on with it, it's one that you really have to read in order.
For a cricket obsessed reader, fond of the assertion that test cricket is a metaphor for life, THE RULES OF BACKYARD CRICKET made me wonder about that just for a moment.
There is a very good reason for all the buzz around about The Dry, another great debut thriller from an Australian writer. Review at Newtown Review of Books
Pufferfish is one of my all time favourite Australian Crime Fiction identities. He's taciturn, reticent and often recalcitrant. He's frequently obtuse, often slightly grumpy, addicted to strong espresso and liquorice all-sorts and finally, he's back.
It's dark, it's classic noir, it's very Australian and it's about as pitch perfect as you can get.
For reasons that escape me, Paul Cleave doesn't seem to have the profile, or the world-wide awareness that he absolutely and utterly deserves.
Inspired by the true events surrounding an unsolved murder, Dark Fires Shall Burn is set in Sydney’s Newtown in the aftermath of World War II. - Full review at Newtown Review of Books

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