Patricia Bernard


Patricia Bernard left Australia when she was nineteen. During the next twenty years she sailed up the Nile, worked in Berlin during the closing of the Berlin wall, met Mohammed the 5th of Morocco in the Sahara Desert, travelled through Alaska in winter in a sports car, fell in love with a Spanish matador, married in Jamaica, hitch-hiked with her one-year-old daughter around Japan and Korea just after the Korean War, became stranded on the Niagara Falls Bridge without a passport, visited Lhasa in Tibet, was among the first Australians to visit China in the seventies, and was the first NSW resident given a visa for Cuba. She has worked and travelled in many places: the USA, Scandinavia, Thailand, Belgium, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Germany, Czech Republic, Easter Island, Vietnam and Laos. She motor-biked alone around Cambodia within the sound of rebel gunfire, trekked across Reunion and Mauritius, backpacked around Madagascar, and she intends seeing all the other countries she hasn’t yet seen before she falls off the planet. Patricia lives in Paddington in a convict-built house. She has three daughers, one son, and two fluffy silky terrier watchdogs. She loves travel, science fiction, children and cinema.

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