Karen Chisholm

Another that's been lurking on the piles for way too long. Perhaps that should be the New Year's Resolution - more reading!

From the Blurb:

A gripping suspenseful thriller with journalist Noel Baker who, after reading a particularly disturbing coroner’s report, investigates the deaths of a group of abused children. The killer is still on the loose…

Karen Chisholm

When I was but a girl, my grandmother and I were a tad addicted to Ngaio Marsh, Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers books and we read them all although often lamenting the lack of local crime books with local settings. How excited were we both to discover in the late 80's / early 90's that there were local women writing really good crime fiction. Jean Bedford was one of those discoveries and we hoovered up the Anna Southwood books with relish - often reading the same book at the same time so we could share long telephone calls about them.

Jean Bedford


Jean Bedford was born in Cambridge, England in 1946 and came to Australia in 1947. She was brought up in Victoria and after university taught English as a second language and worked as a journalist. She was Literary Editor of the National Times and now works as a literary consultant. In 1982 she won the Stanford Writing Fellowship and travelled to the United States to take it up. Jean Bedford's short stories have appeared in Nation Review, The National Times and Meanjin. 

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