Karen Chisholm

Really really really really really pleased to have a new book from J.R. Carroll. Really pleased...

From the Blurb:

When the past comes knocking, it will not be denied ...

Ex-cop turned criminal lawyer Tim Fontaine and his wife Amy are heading for their weekender – a restored farmhouse in remote bushland known as Black Pig Bend.

But even before they've eaten dinner, three outlaw bikers arrive on the scene. Suddenly Tim's house becomes a fortress. Who are these people? Why have they come? Who sent them?

Karen Chisholm

Noticed this out of the corner of my eye a while ago and have been meaning to mention how excited I got when I saw Momentum Books listing some of my favourite J.R. Carroll books and one I've not read before. 8 Hours to Die. These books were unbelievably hard to find when I finally twigged to their existence and in the main I ended up getting copies at second hand bookshops from one end of Victoria to another. Which meant every new find was a thing of real joy. And now, thanks to Momentum I'll be able to start from scratch and reread every one of them. Released early next year.

J.R. Carroll


J.R. Carroll was born and raised in Melbourne, where he still lives. A graduate of Melbourne University, he worked as a teacher for a number of years before turning to full-time fiction writing in the mid-eighties. His first book, about the Vietnam War was Token Soldiers, which appeared in 1983.

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