Karen Chisholm

From the shamefully overdue pile (turns out I have quite a few shameful piles...)

From the Blurb:

Cocaine. Construction. Corruption.

The unholy trinity of Sydney

Self-made property mogul Tina Leonard has already lost her business, her home and custody of her children because South East Banking Corporation left her bankrupt. Now it appears she is being framed for the murder of her banker Oliver Randall, a senior executive of the corporation. Her motive? Revenge for ruining her life and her business.

Karen Chisholm

If there's two things this last bout of extreme weather has taught me - don't try to use the much vaunted SkyMuster for anything and don't think you'll get much reading done when you're running around digging trenches for water to run off.

From the Blurb:

Peter Tanner left the flashy world of commercial law following the tragic death of his wife. Now, as a criminal defence barrister, he crosses paths with some of the less desirable but wealthy members of the nation’s underbelly.

Richard Beasley


Richard Beasley is a lawyer, practising at one stage in Adelaide but now back in Sydney. He's probably best known in Australia for his work on Hell Has Harbour Views which was turned into a moderately successful TV show by the ABC.

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