Aaron Sterns


Aaron Sterns was the co-writer of the film Wolf Creek 2 and script editor of Rogue. A former lecturer in Gothic and Subversive Fiction, editor of The Journal of the Australian Horror Writers, and researcher in postmodern horror, Sterns is the author of stories both Aurealis Award–nominated and Year's Best Fantasy & Horror–recommended. He lives in Melbourne with his partner of fifteen years and their newly brewed daughter, the third of the 'Wolf Creek babies'.

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Karen Chisholm

It's too hot to sleep much anyway so why not frighten myself comprehensively as well...

From the Blurb:

Nature vs nurture turns out to be a bloodbath

The wide open outback offers plenty of space for someone to hide. Or to hide a body.

When wiry youngster Mick Taylor starts as a jackaroo at a remote Western Australian sheep station, he tries to keep his head down among the rough company of the farmhands. But he can't keep the devils inside him hidden for long.