Sometimes, all you can do is run . . .

When Mark Stamp fires an air gun through the window of his father's shed, he's afraid he may have damaged something. But what he discovers is far worse. Peering through the broken window, he sees such a horrifying sight that he has to flee for his life. His older sister, Ruby, may not be officially old enough to drive, but she can handle the family's van, and Mark, Ruby and the baby set off on a hair–raising adventure across country, escaping the past and their violent father. In her electrifying new novel of family secrets and small–town scandals, Mandy Sayer deftly weaves raw suspense with exquisite prose. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes is a vivid and haunting tale of three kids on the run – and of rumours that spread like wildfire while the truth hides closer to home . . .


Mandy Sayer

Mandy Sayer was born in Sydney in 1963. She has lived in Melbourne, Adelaide and many towns in the US. She has a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in English/Creative Writing from Indiana University. She is completing a Doctor of Creative Arts at the University of Technology. Her first novel, MOOD INDIGO was awarded the 1989 Australian/Vogel Award. She wrote BLIND LUCK and then THE CROSS in 1995. THE CROSS is inspired by the life and death of Juanita Nielsen and was short-listed for the Kibble Award, the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime Novel, the 3M Talking Book of the Year Award and was nominated for the 1997 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

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