Paydirt - Garry Disher

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Karen Chisholm

One of the great joys of my reading life is the occasional chance to wander back through a much loved series.  And what's not to absobloodylutely love about the Wyatt series from Garry Disher.

Taut as, these books are short, sharp and to the point.  173 pages short.  A salient reminder to the reader that you don't actually need 500 or so pages in which to develop a storyline, build a character, create some tension, get in some action, build up a bit of angst, bring in a few double-crossers, and get Wyatt out of trouble by the skin of his teeth.

If that doesn't appeal then consider Wyatt - unrepentant, unapologetic thief.  Controlled, self-contained, a crook with none of that fluffy heart-of-gold bullshit.  Wyatt is clinical, careful, considered and out to ensure that Wyatt survives.  This series is different, fantastic and it just got better and better.  It's no trial to reread these.  They are the perfect solution to the reading slump that hits even somebody as addicted to a book in hand as me.

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Wyatt is back in a new adventure set on the far side of morality. Introduced in Kickback, Garry Disher's fast-selling, widely praised crime novel, Wyatt reappears in the South Australian outback, intent on snatching a payroll. But Wyatt is not the only one eyeing the funds. The Outfit has business with Wyatt. It will only be finished when he faces the hitman's gun. Garry Disher's highly controlled, fast-paced style brilliantly matches this tense, unnerving story of treachery and rough justice.

Review Paydirt - Garry Disher
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, June 1, 2011
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Karen Chisholm
Friday, May 20, 2011

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