CROSSKILL - Garry Disher

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Karen Chisholm

CROSSKILL is another of my Wyatt series rereads - just because I want to.

This book, in particular, really takes on the bad guys.  Wyatt may not immediately seem to have much of a moral conscience when it comes to taking other people's money - but he does think honour amongst thieves is important.  Especially where his money is concerned.

As with all the Wyatt series, Wyatt plays a lone hand, with just a little help (and hindrance) from his friends.  But when trouble arrives it hits him from all sides.  Wyatt will, of course triumph in the end.  There will be a bit of collateral damage, and some people just don't seem to realise that there are some enemies for life that you just don't want to make.

This series is just so good.  Tight, clever and suspenseful writing combined with believable plotlines make for a very involving storyline.  The slow reveal of small background points about Wyatt make him a very elusive character - for the reader as well as those in the story.  It's actually a clever idea that - there's always some little pearl about Wyatt that drops in each book - giving the reader just a little bit more about the lonest of lone Australian fictional crime characters.

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Hardboiled sleuth Wyatt confronts the Outfit to get his money back in Garry Disher's 4th Wyatt novel.

Review CROSSKILL - Garry Disher
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
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Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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