Bartholomew Garrod was desperate.  His brother, Raymond was getting worse and the prescription pills were doing no good. Desperate times called for desperate measures.  And after all, Bartholomew was a butcher who had the skill and knowledge to acquire brain paste.

Detective Sergeant Alison Dexter had made her name with the Garrod case.  Not that Alison wanted the fame. Raymond died in the raid to capture the brothers in 1995, Bartholomew escaped and hasn’t been found.  He is around, though. Alison had to transfer to another city because she was receiving letters and little “momentos” from Batholomew. Now, seven years later, it appears Bartholomew is back and he is hell-bent on revenge – his pound of flesh,if you like – literally. It is in Alison’s interests to keep her public profile as low as possible.


Ed O'Connor

ED O'CONNOR studied History at Cambridge University before moving over to Oxford University to take an MPhil in International Relations. He then worked in London and New York as an investment banker but left to concentrate on his writing. 

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