All little children like to play house, don’t they?  What happens when the ‘baby’ is naughty? 

The public’s obsession with ‘The Flower Girls’ never completely went away and with the increasing popularity of social media, every keyboard warrior and her cat now have the platform upon which to voice their strident opinions.  Hurtful, uniformed or just plain annoyed, the unseen haters have over the past nineteen years added to the colossal damage served on two families wracked with grief over the loss of happy lives that should have been theirs.  Hazel knows this better than most, having spent the entirety of her years since the murder distancing herself from the actions of her older sister Laurel. 

Hazel was once Primrose, the younger of the two flower girls.  Primrose at twenty-five now has a lovely fiancé who adores her and is nervous at the prospect of becoming a step mother to his teenager.  When a child goes missing from the same hotel where Hazel is having her birthday stay, Hazel’s identity is public knowledge once again. It was only Laurel who was convicted for torturing and murdering a toddler whose only crime was to want to play with two older children -  ten year old Laurel and 6 year old Primrose.  

Year of Publication
Review The Flower Girls, Alice Clark-Platts
Andrea Thompson
Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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