2016 is indeed going to be a good year for Pufferfish fans with a new novel - A 13-Point Plan for a Perfect Murder due out in early July (Fullers Publishing) and another in November sometime (title as yet unknown).

In the meantime if you've had a hankering for an update on the great Pufferfish himself, Island Magazine(link is external) Issue 145 has a short story - The Dutch Fountain in it which is just the thing for an entree before the main event in July. You can set an alert on Angus & Robertson's site(link is external) to be advised when the book is in stock.

Year of Publication

TASMANIA'S rise and rise as a tourist destination makes the island an ideal location for the cashed-up international polo-set, jetting in from Europe, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and LA for their late summer carnival and relaxathon in the world's latest clean-green hotspot. They play fiercely and party hard at the swish Polo Palace, built near beautiful beaches through the largesse of an island-loving polo-mad billionaire Bahraini businessman.

So when this idyll is gruesomely interrupted by the murder of Sebastian Wicken, a dashing and wealthy Englishman famous for wielding his stick and ball. Pufferfish, aka seasoned Detective Inspector Franz Heineken of the Tasmanian Police Force, is called to investigate.

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