AustCrimeWriters have just announced the shortlist for the 2013 Ned Kelly Awards at: is external)

The judges' comments, and the lists are now available at: is external)

For a change - I'm nearly caught up on all the books, just got a few of the True Crime entries that I need to read by the looks of it :)

Best First Fiction

Steve Lewis & Chris Uhlmann – The Marmalade Files
Zane Lovitt - The Midnight Promise
Paul Anderson - The Robbers
Sue Williams - Murder With The Lot
Andrew Grimes - The Richmond Conspiracy

Best Fiction

Robert Gott - The Holiday Murders
Katherine Howell - Web of Deceit
Geoffrey McGeachin - Blackwattle Creek
Adrian McKinty - I Hear The Sirens In The Street
Malla Nunn - Silent Valley

True Crime

Robin De Crespigny - The People Smuggler
Belinda Hawkins - Every Parent's Nightmare
Steve Lillebuen - The Devil’s Cinema
Derek Pedley - Dead by Friday
Mark Tedeschi QC – Eugenia

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