Maigret and the Idle Burglar (Penguin Red Classics) by Georges Simenon(link is external) - Penguin Books Ltd (2007), Paperback, 144 pages
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Penguin have released a range of classics under the "labelling" of Red Classics.  From their website:

"From the Da Vinci Code to Jonathan Strange, from chick lit to crime, there are so many bestsellers bursting onto the scene every week it can be hard to decide what's actually good, as well as being a good read. The sort of book that might change the way you think and feel forever, as well as making your train journey home a bit more bearable.

Over the 70 years in which we've been publishing books, we started to realise that for every Harry Potter there's an Alice in Wonderland, for every Stephen King horror there's a Frankenstein. That, with our Classics and Modern Classics ranges, Penguin actually publish what are, quite simply, the best books ever written - whether they're thrillers or romances, horror stories or comedy. So we thought we'd offer you a selection of them, but without all the extra material that usually comes in a classic.

And that's how we came up with the Red Classics. They're just simply wonderful stories that stand alone and grip you right from the start. So, if you're a serial killer thriller addict, why not read the original and best, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Or, instead of reaching for a romantic blockbuster, try the love story that leaves all the others standing, Wuthering Heights. (You'll be glad you did, honestly)."

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Included in this list there are a range of 10 of Georges Simenon's novels of which Maigret and the Idle Burglar is just one I was lucky enough to be sent for review.  I agree so much with Penguin - whilst it's great to keep promoting, publishing and writing new stories - goodness knows there are never enough books in my world!, it's also fabulous to be able to go back and read some of the original masters of the genre - and Georges Simenon has to quality as one of the authors that dedicated mystery / crime fiction fans should read.  Without the benefit of gadgets, forensics, instantaneous communications and everything else that helps the current day fictional crime fighters, Maigret uses a combination of sound investigation techniques and an inherent, almost internal, knowledge of the criminals and the good citizens of his Paris.  He knows that place and those people and he knows how to solve a problem.

My full review of MAIGRET AND THE IDLE BURGLAR is at:


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Is Chief-Inspector Maigret the only person concerned by the death of a thief?

A burglar is found battered to death on a mid-winter's night in Paris.  the victim was murdered, stripped of all ID and thrown from a car on to the icy streets, yet his criminal background has Maigret's superiors eager to dismiss the killing as an underworld vendetta. Certainly nothing the police should concern themselves with, especially when they are supposed to be on the trail of a gang of armed robbers.

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