All the submissions to the 2017 Ned Kelly Awards have just been announced and as usual, every year as the entries start to roll in, I start to fret about the ones I haven't had a chance to read yet - this year, needless to say is no different :) Check out the full list at: is external) or follow the links below to those that somebody here have been lucky enough to review.

Best Fiction

Best First Fiction

True Crime

  • Busted, Keith Moor
  • Denny Day, Terry Smyth
  • Getting Away with Murder, Duncan McNab
  • Into the Darkness, Robin Bowles
  • Mayhem, Matthew Thompson
  • Mrs Kelly, Grantlee Kieza
  • Murder at Myall Creek, Mark Tedeschi
  • Planet Jackson, Brad Norington
  • Roger Rogerson, Duncan McNab
  • The Drowned Man, Brendan James Murray
  • The Ethics of Evil - Stories of H Division, Ray Mooney
  • The Good Cop, Justine Ford
  • The Last Dog on the Island, Steve Kelleher
  • The Squad, Yoni Bashan
  • To Hell And Back, Carolyn Pethick


Looks like quite a bit of catching up to do.

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