I can't tell you how pleased I was when Allen & Unwin publicists got in touch to say that ALL MY ENEMIES has been rereleased.

From the Media Information:

ALL MY ENEMIES is the third and most pivotal book in Maitland’s popular Brock and Kolla series.In a case where the murder seems well rehearsed, the clues lead to something almost theatrical...

Kathy Kolla has worked with David Brock twice before.Now, she’s been officially recruited into Brock’s Serious Crime Unit at New Scotland Yard, where she’ll join a team of experts in high profile, high pressure
murder cases.

But she hasn’t even started when she’s called to attend her first murder scene... A young woman has been viciously stabbed to death in an affluent London home.The victim is not your usual candidate – she’s quiet, in a steady relationship and lives with her parents. Things just don’t add up.

But that doesn’t deter Kathy.Through a series of perceptive observations, Kolla makes a vital link to an older case, leading her to the claustrophobic world of an amateur drama group.

Brock and Kolla find themselves in a tangled web of deceptions where a body of plays becomes a template for murder.

This is a dramatic, contemporary murder mystery with an intricate plot full of twists, nail biting suspense and compelling secrets.Readers see another side to Kathy Kolla in this exciting instalment in the acclaimed Brock and Kolla series.

Needless to say I've been keen to re-read this book. It's always interesting to look back at a favourite series and see how it holds up. (To say nothing of a chance to revisit one of my favourite teams).

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The phone call comes on a Sunday, the day before homicide detective Kathy Kolla is to start her new job at New Scotland Yard, Serious Crimes Branch. But the grotesque murder that it heralds in a peaceful London suburb takes no account of the day of rest and promises a dramatic start to Kathy's new life. In fact, dramatic is the word when her only - improbable - lead draws her to an amateur drama group.

As Kathy investigates further she is lured into a piece of theatre over which, increasingly, she has little control. And as the show unfolds, a plot of brilliant complexity is revealed, escalating with gathering suspense to a climax in which Kathy's own painfully hidden past plays a shocking role.

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Submitted by Karen on Mon, 16/07/2012 - 07:10 pm