This book snuck it's way into the letterbox yesterday and made it straight to the top of the reading pile.  How could it not....  it opens:

"One sunny Sunday morning a few years back, I popped out early to get the papers and tumbled arse-over-tit over my neighbour's ugly mutt Dougal, who was snoozing happily on my doorstep.  While there was minimal damage to all concerned it was a bit of a shock, so I knew exactly how the live-in caretaker on Fort Denison must have felt when he ambled outside to check the tide gauge early one holiday Monday in October and almost tripped over the 80,000-tonne, ocean-going bulk-transport tanker that someone had left tied up to his Hills Hoist during the night."


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All Alby wants is a decent coffee and a day off.  But there's a hijacked tanker with a deadly cargo in Sydney Harbour, and bullets are flying on board a US Navy cruiser.  Three sailors are dead and a Seahawk chopper is missing.  

Who's behind the mayhem?  Why is the government intent on shutting down Alby's investigation?  What's the connection to the smooth-talking reverend Priday, spiritual leader to the upwardly mobile?  And can Alby trust Lieutenant Kingston, a weapons specialist with the longest legs he's ever seen on a sailor and not a tattoo anywhere on her stunning body?  Special agent Alby Murdoch, reluctant hero of the riotous D-E-D Dead!, is right back in the thick of things in another hilarious, page-turning romp.  

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Submitted by Karen on Mon, 04/02/2008 - 07:16 pm