Having caught up a bit, I am actually currently reading this for real.  And the snow and cold is proving just the thing as summer is finally heating up around here.  This is one of my favourite series so it's great to be catching up with it (courtesy of the N pile in my challenge).

From the Blurb:

One freezing night in Oslo, Christmas shoppers gather to listen to a Salvation Army street concert.  An explosion cuts through the music, and a man in uniform falls to the ground, shot in the head at point blank range.

Opening Lines:

She was fourteen years old and sure that if she shut her eyes tight and concentrated she could see the stars through the roof.

Year of Publication
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A 14-year old girl is raped at one of the Salvation Army summer camps. Twelve years later, at a Christmas concert in a square in Oslo, a Salvation Army soldier is executed by a man in the crowd. A press photographer has caught a suspect on one of the photos of the concert. Beate Lønn, the identification expert, is confused by how the face can change from one photo to the next. Inspector Harry Hole’s search for the faceless man takes place on the seamy side of the city, among those who seek eternal – or just momentary – redemption. And the gunman has not yet completed his mission.

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