Shamefully late.  Unforgiveably late, but I have finally picked up Head Shot.

"The screaming phone assaulted his eardrums. Sweat lacquered his bare neck and chest.  McCauley shivered, rolled onto his side and stared at the alarm clock.  The red haze strung his eyes, gradually forming recognisable numbers.  Four in the morning.  He lifted the handset to his ear, answered with a grunt."

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Gangland killings, drugs, corruption ...

You've read the newspapers, now read the book! -  a .22 calibre pistol. Good for a head shot. Nice and neat. Professional!

An acquitted cop-killer is executed in a St Kilda back-street. Another gangland killing, or a rogue cop out for revenge?

Suspicion falls on Rubens McCauley, a maverick detective with a lot of motive and plenty of enemies. With his marriage in tatters and a team of elite investigators hot on his heels, McCauley needs answers - and fast. His hunt for the killer draws him deep into an underworld of gangsters, hitmen and dance parties - and a past he'd do anything to forget.

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