Silence by Jan Costin Wagner - Harvill Secker (2010), Paperback, 256 pages [Our New Books - LibraryThing]


I simply and absolutely loved the first book ICE MOON (to be honest I've no idea if it was a first book or simply the first translated - but love it I absolutely did!)

So SILENCE was an absolute given when it arrived, and I'm mildly distracted by its existence very day - it's been sitting beside my laptop on the dining table reminding me as soon as I've got another couple of books out of the way - then this is it!

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A young girl disappears while cycling to volleyball practice. Her bike is found in exactly the same place that another girl was murdered, thirty-three years before. The original perpetrator was never brought to justice -- could they have struck again? The eeriness of the crime unsettles not only the police and public, but also someone who has been carrying a burden of guilt for many years...

Detective Kimmo Joentaa calls upon the help of his older colleague Jetola, who worked on the original murder, in the hope that they can solve both cases. But as their investigation begins, Kimmo discovers that the truth is not always what you expect.

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