Roxxy Bent

A South Australian writer, Roxxy won her first Scarlet Stiletto for 'Pecking Order' in 2002; and her second first-prize trophy in 2006 for 'Mrs Wilcox's Mik Saucepan'.  In between award 'shoes', Roxxy earned a special commendation in 2003 for 'The Inaugral Case of Shazza McFlint'. Roxxy was a founding member of Vitalstatistix National Women's Theatre, took out the HarperCollins first prize of $750 plus a trophy, a scarlet stiletto shoe with a steel stiletto heel plunging into a perspex mount. The shoe was found in the gutter in St Kilda by a Sister in Crime member. Bent has had 11 of her plays professionally produced and lives with her partner, Margie, and their daughter Ruth, 100 chickens, four geese, three ducks, four alpacas and two dogs on an organic property in the Adelaide Hills.  "Winning the coveted Stiletto is such a thrill," she said. "Winning twice was a truly unexpected blast! It is so encouraging and is just what I needed. Writing is a long, slow business and winning the Stiletto Award is a huge boost to a writer's confidence." She is working on her first novel and is now a Stiletto Judge.

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Series: Scarlet Stiletto

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