Cruel, egotistical Noel, a thistledown, a cheap balloon whisking willy-nilly away from the piercing, deflating needle of her fine judgement. Geraldine needs to keep her cool through the highs and the lows, but it's maddening when Noel keeps missing the point. The trek up north was gruelling, yet every plant and bird she saw, every sweaty, purposeless mile she crossed, convinced her that they were made for each other. Back home in Sydney, when there's still a gap between them, he has to be made to see.


Pat Flower

FLOWER, PATRICIA MARY BRYSON (1914-1977), crime novelist and television playwright, was born on 23 February 1914 at Ramsgate, Kent, England. She emigrated to Australia at fourteen. Published fifteen crime novels 1958-76, many with (terrible) flower puns in their titles. She worked for the New Theatre League, was a copywriter, and also wrote for radio, tv and film. Her novel Fiends of the Family was dramatised by ABC TV and won an Awgie award. Her early novels with Inspector Swinton have been compared to Maigret, but her later works are perhaps the best psychothrillers produced in Australia. She committed suicide in 1977. Bibliography Inspector Swinton series Wax Flowers for Gloria 1958 Goodbye Sweet William 1959 A Wreath of Water-Lilies 1960 One Rose Less 1961 Hell for Heather 1962 Term of Terror 1963 Fiends of the Family 1966 Hunt the Body 1968 Cobweb 1972 Cat's Cradle 1973 Odd Job 1974 Slyboots 1974 Vanishing Point 1975 Crisscross 1976 Shadow Show 1976

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