Sophie Graham is tired of life, with only a bleak future in a deadbeat bar job ahead of her. So when her childhood enemy, the glamorous Electra Jordan, strides into the bar with her father, Sophie decides to avoid the truth. She announces that she is a private investigator.

Months later she is asked to visit Mr Jordan's plush home. It seems that Electra has vanished and he would like to employ Sophie's investigative "skills".

In a timely twist of fate, Sophie finds herself placed securely into Electra's glitzy Manhattan lifestyle. But is the search this simple, or is she being sent on a wild goose chase around the streets of New York?

Now, caught in the middle of a conspiracy, only Sophie can end it. If, that is, she really wants to . . .


Chris Niles

Chris Niles was born in New Zealand and has worked as a TV and radio journalist in New Zealand, Australia, Britain and Europe. She currently lives in Brooklyn.

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Series: Sam Ridley

Series: Sophie Graham

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