No one suspects murder when astronaut Pete O'Kelley dies a hit-run accident—until his widow, Marlow, learns he had deposited a quarter of a million bucks in a bank account and spent it all in four months. Then Pete's executor, a NASA administrator, is found dead on a picnic table at the Johnson Space Center, a meat cleaver planted in his back. Not wanting to tell anyone about the money, but knowing the deaths are connected, Marlow turns sleuth to track down a bold killer who leaves no clues. Despite painful revelations, she must dig out the truth about her brief, turbulent marriage and about Pete's death. In this first of a mystery series, Marlow O'Kelley, an irreverent structural engineer who renovates homes for rich Texans, battles police and NASA poobahs as she untangles the intrigue surrounding the players who would kill to win a multimillion-dollar government contract. Fast paced and tightly plotted, Till Murder Do Us Part is a riveting, brain-teasing murder mystery.


Barbara Ewing

About the Author EWING, Barbara ( - ) is an actor and novelist whose first novel, Strangers (1978) was not followed up by a second for twenty years, when The Actresses was published in 1997. Born and educated in New Zealand, Ewing has spent most of her life living and working as an actor in London. Mistakenly assumed by many critics and readers to be Ewing's first book, The Actresses was a popular and acclaimed novel. It is described in The Times as combining "elements of courtroom drama and comedy of manners, as well as sharp insights into the harsher realities of theatrical life."

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Series: Marlow O`Kelley Mysteries

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Friday, March 27, 2015
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