Having said a happy hasta la vista to flesh and blood, the oh-so-suave Senator Mark Throdeus ends this Tourette’s tale of madness, murder and designer mayhem the only way he knows how: With a bang.

Talented young prosecutor Emily Frank has everything - looks, brains, bucks and a boyfriend to die for. But haunted by her father’s death, she has a chance encounter with the stylishly sinister Svetlana (her major bête noire) on a business trip to Calgary that begins her long day’s journey into fright.

As bullets hit the Botox and the death toll starts to rise, Emily learns too late the terrible price of vengeance. Knowing full well where all the bodies are buried (including his own), Mark refuses to let moralizing get in the way of a good recherché romp as he narrates Emily’s fateful journey from sunny Australia to her giddy denouement high in the Canadian Rockies.

'singingbeforehunting' is a crime novel in killer high heels. Volume III of Michael Herrmann’s 'White Trash Trilogy', it is a lurid tabloid tapestry of off-the-wall characters in a world where too much sex, scandal and primo sinuendo is barely enough.


Michael Herrmann

Michael's work includes the novels bigjesustrashcan and breakfastinfur (both published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press) -  the latter nominated in the "Best Novel" category in the 2003 Ned Kelly Awards by the Crime Writers' Association of Australia. His stage adaptation of the 1989 Geena Davis/Jim Carrey film Earth Girls Are Easy received its concert debut at the Village Theatre in New York City in September 2002. As a producer (for Manifest Productions), he has presented Australian and New Zealand seasons by the likes of Malcolm McLaren, UK-based theatre company Snarling Beasties, Italian mime artist Ennio Marchetto and the National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine, amongst others. Michael recently completed a black comedy about militant anorexics entitled binge + purge and is currently tapping away like a Balinese monkey on his new novel singingbeforehunting - the final instalment in his White Trash Trilogy.

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