The Roman Empire stretches across the Atlantic and far into Asia, yet it is an unstable time.  Strange fires burn out of control, the Emperor fails suddenly ill, and a massacre in the shadow of the Great Wall of Terranova brings the world to the brink of a global war.  At this critical time, three years after a conspiracy against his life forced him into hiding, the young heir to the throne, Marcus Novius, must take command of the greatest power on Earth.  But his ambitious cousin Drusus - spurred on by a riddling Sybilline prophecy - threatens this last chance to avoid a world conflict, and Una, a former slave whose love for Marcus seems out of place at the Roman court, is drawn into the political intrigue and a dangerous enmity.

Year of Publication
Book Number (in series)
Review ROME BURNING - Sophia McDougall
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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