It's the 1980s and the stronghold of apartheid in South Africa is crumbling. Forced from their positions of supremacy, members of the old 'elite' are looking for new territories to dominate... From his office in the heart of Australia's capital, ONA operative Tony Martin receives a call one night from a friend, claiming he has information someone would kill for. Thirty minutes later, Tony's friend is dead. In his effort to find the truth, Tony becomes caught in a web of political intrigue that reaches right to the top. With the help of his ex, journalist Kath Jamieson, and armed with just a few random clues, Tony must unravel a conspiracy that involves two continents and a secret buried for over twenty years. What he discovers could bring down the government...and cost him his life... 


Greg Baker

Finding out a lot of details about Greg Baker is not exactly a straight forward exercise. Other than that he is a writer for magazines and of short stories, has appeared on Radio National in the past and works as a confidential researcher for Australian Federal Parliamentarians - there's not a lot further around.

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