Parallel Lies is a fast-paced and fiendishly plotted novel about a menage a trois that becomes a menage a deux when one of the trio is murdered. Which one of the two survivors was the murderer, and what have they got to hide? Things are never quite what they seem, and people are never quite who they say they are, in Stella Duffy's effortlessly entertaining new novel.

Yana Ivanova, born in Russia, is now a huge Hollywood star. She lives in a beautiful house in Beverly Hills with Jimmy, a sitcom star, and her British PA Penny. Theirs is a strange and uneasy partnership, held together by sex, secrets and the fear of scandal. When Yana starts receiving threatening anonymous letters, it kickstarts a series of events that lead to betrayal and murder. But who exactly is conning who?

Stella Duffy has written crime novels and dark romantic comedies. Here she combines the two in a smart, sexy, suspenseful new novel. Poison pen letters, fake identites, misplaced affection, betrayal and murder... Still think a menage a trois sounds fun?

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