Who can you trust if you can’t trust your own mother? Through the clammy fog, Celie Francis hears the chilling message. “I know who you are, Celie. I know where you live.” And in the terrifying aftermath she reconnects with her dysfunctional family in ways she had never imagined.

LETHAL REFUGE is about Célie Francis who witnesses a vicious murder. Abandoned and abused as a child, she trusts nobody. Because the killer seems to know way too much about her, she is thrust into the New Zealand witness protection program. There she must learn to trust people with her life. Most of all, she has to work with Brand Turner, the police psychologist who eases people into their new identities. Célie and Brand are polar opposites, but after some initial head butting, they discover they make a great team. Then their investigations reveal that the killer is very close to home indeed. To save themselves they are forced to go on the run.


Vonnie Hughes

Our family were all born in New Zealand and now live in Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. Nobody else in my family writes, but in the latter part of the 19th century my antecedents published newspapers and were authors. Blood will out, as they say. I've always written - poetry and short stories as a child; then later on in life as our kids grew older I began writing novels, probably to counteract the stultifying boredom of being a legal executive.

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