Anna is well immersed in her exhausting first few months of being a new mother. She can now appreciate just how gruelling it is to be a parent and misses the council of her mother and father who recently committed suicide, months apart, at a local cliffside spot overlooking the beach.  Anna’s parents weren’t the perfect couple, but they were well loved by Anna and her uncle Bob.  With an ‘oops’ baby, a fledging new relationship, the loss of her parents and the inheritance of the family home and business concerns – Anna’s new life is more than busy.  

Whilst Anna’s mother Caroline was obviously struggling after the death of her dynamic car salesman husband Tom it was a still a shock to everyone that she chose to end her own grief by taking her own life, knowing it would only add to the grief of her daughter Anna.  Anna of late has had little time to query the circumstances of what led up to her parents separate suicides and is concentrating on making sure her baby daughter is well looked after.  Life with a new baby is always chaotic.  There is someone out there though who thinks it’s time Anna woke and up and staring asking the right questions.  A card arrives in the mail and everything Anna thought she knew is turned on its head.

Year of Publication
Karen Chisholm
Monday, April 23, 2018

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