Until now, you have been just plain old Janey Brown.  But you are going to grow and grow.  You will be what your parents have not allowed you to be.  It's in your past.  And it's in your future.  There's a whole new part of you just waiting to burst out.

You are JANE BLONDE - sensational spylet.  Welcome to our world.


Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall moved from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, along with her small daughter and her even smaller mad dog.  Her childhood ambition was to become an author, so in 2001 Jill gave up her career as a training director at a huge international company to concentrate on writing and being a mum. Jill plays guitar, takes singing lessons and is learning to play the drum kit she has set up in the garage.  One day she might even sing in a band again...

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Series: Jane Blonde

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