Iraqi Icicle is like no detective thriller you have ever read. Sure, the essentials are there: a healthy body count, the femme fatale, eccentric characters, crooked officialdom and sardonic humour. But the "detective'' is a jobless young gambler, a foundling, raised by nuns, scornful of straight society, populated by stiffs. Follow Steele Hill as he races up and down the streets of Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.... ....from the dawn of computers and mobile phones in Australia to the aftermath of the 1st Iraq War. 


Bernie Dowling

Bernie Dowling is an Australian journalist who lives and works in the shire of Pine Rivers, just north of the Queensland State Capital of Brisbane. Dowling grew up and lived in Brisbane most of his life though he has lived in or frequently visited provincial and coastal towns across south-east Queensland. He has worked in many reporting rounds, includng arts and entertainment, crime, politics, human interest and sports. He has published a weekly humour column for the past six years. Dowling has drawn on all these diverse strands of his working and social life to produce Iraqi Icicle, a highly original detective thriller which is his first novel. The author lives with his wife and son in Lawnton, a Pine Rivers suburb.

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