Cyrus - is a millionaire recluse. Oh and a serial killer. His first victims are Gus and Susie Niedermeyer, a newly married couple who knew apartment hunting in New York would be hell, they just didn't think it would end their short lives.

Tye - is a beautiful young woman from London, who imagines she can trade her cover-girl looks for a free stay in a downtown loft.

Quinn - is a writer who's out of ideas and running out of luck. He wants to keep a foothold in Manhattan without losing his shirt - and his girlfriend.

Marion Neidermeyer - is a determined mother, dead set on hunting down her vanished son and daughter-in-law.


Chris Niles

Chris Niles was born in New Zealand and has worked as a TV and radio journalist in New Zealand, Australia, Britain and Europe. She currently lives in Brooklyn.

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Series: Sam Ridley

Series: Sophie Graham

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Review HELL'S KITCHEN - Chris Niles
Karen Chisholm
Monday, October 1, 2007

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