Glacier guide sleuth Philippa Barnes investigates a murder in New Zealand's Westland National Park.

What do you do when you need to escape from your life? Vivien Revell didn’t intend to die. She was conflicted and scared but she was also creative and clever. She should have got away but years later Philippa discovers her mangled body in a crevasse on the Franz Josef Glacier. It looks like an accident but Vivien's friend Julia is convinced she was murdered and persuades Philippa to investigate. It soon becomes clear that someone is determined to keep Vivien's story hidden. A brutal murder brings a large police team to the village and as connections are made with the past more lives are threatened. In a case where empathy is dangerous Philippa discovers greater depths than she ever imagined in human relationships.


Trish McCormack

I write crime fiction by night and work as an archivist by day. I grew up at Franz Josef Glacier and worked in various national parks before spending 10 years as a journalist on a small-town newspaper. I set my mysteries in some of New Zealand's most beautiful places. My glacier guide sleuth Philippa Barnes lives the dream, retreating to the icy spaces of the glacier when she needs time alone.

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